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The meaning of the Japanese words Poka-Yoke in free translation: Poka: random, unintentional error, mistake, fault Yoke: elimination, prevention Meaning: mistake-free, error-free work, workstation, technology, process development, in order to...



There are hardly any appliances, whose manufacturing process does not include the assembly of some parts, units using bolts. The quality of bolt connections has a great impact on the overall usability, lifetime and reliability of the final product. It...



The identification device is identifying the bodywork/part as follows: 1. Bodywork identification with RFID reader (MOBY-U) and wired bar code reader (nostrategy). 2. Bodywork identification with wired bar code reader (nostrategy). 3. Part identification...



During the production process it has to be displayed to the operator in which unit he has to mount in the component, or when sorting more components in which compartment he has to insert it in. This list of products connected to our system helps the operator...

Our company KVL Comp. is developing for more than 10 years Poka-yoke systems what meet with the requirements of the Lean Manufacturing. Continuously we are sharing our experience with our customers in order to develop new solutions. Next to our Poka-yoke systems, we propose production control, data collection and controllers as well. All our products are assembled at our workshop and meet the European standards. Don’t hesitate to contact us !