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Radio module for FEIN ASM and FEIN ASW screwdrivers.   Free usable frequency band in Europe Disturbance protected, secure radio connection Enocean wireless protocol defined and integrated in modules Does...


The torque wrench Poka-yoke’s aim is to help the operator’s job, and reduce the error possibilities. During producing any kind of device often happens that the components are connected together with bolting. The bolting is strongly influencing...


Radio module for BOSCH EXACT and ANGLE EXACT type cordless screwdrivers.   Free frequency spectrum in Europe Disturbance protected, secure radio connection Developed for industrial conditions, Enocean protocol ...


The KVL-ATQ003A torque wrench controller is able to control three torque wrench groups. The torque wrench controller can be used with either manual or electric torque wrenches. The appliance is equipped with a Wago 750-642 Enocean-RF radio receiver...


Radio module for TOHNICHI type torque wrench converting.   Heavy duty, industrial design Free frequency spectrum in Europe Long lifetime, with one battery min 1.000.000 torquing Disturbance protected, secure...
There are hardly any appliances, whose manufacturing process does not include the assembly of some parts, units using bolts. The quality of bolt connections has a great impact on the overall usability, lifetime and reliability of the final product. It is not unusual that a worker drives hundreds of screws a day. In such a workstation it is inevitable that some bolts are left out or not properly pre-stressed.The aim of this appliance is to prevent the application of wrong torque. The torque wrench controller is adjusted to the workstations and their work phases. At the workstation the torque wrench must be applied at the number sent by the server and specified for the given part/unit.