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AUDI Hungary, Győr

The complete production control system and the  Poka-Yoke system have been installed  in the Audi Győr’s plant in 2007. The Poka-Yoke server is a virtual server. The system stores all the data in an Oracle database, what later depending on requests can be recalled, and will permit  to write reports and prepare statements. The system is fully Ethernet network based. We receive the data from the line through a Profibus-Ethernet gateway what is developed by us. Also we send the stop signal to the line through this.
The Pick-to-light shelves help the operators to pick the right component. When a car arrives to a workplace, a light above the component glows. This shows if the given component should be picked. The operator needs to acknowledge this otherwise the line will stop.
The torque wrench controllers are helping the operator with the information that how many screws have to be tighten to be built in properly. At every tightening the system counts down one. The tightening can be done with a torque wrench or with a screwdriver (BOSCH EXACT SEC).
Special devices like fuel filling device receive information from the Server that what is the exact type of the car, and how much and which kind of gasoline has to be filled in by the operator. Any kind of PLC and PC device can be installed in the system, so it can get online information.