KVL Comp Kft.


The KVL-ATQ003A torque wrench controller is able to control three torque wrench groups.
The torque wrench controller can be used with either manual or electric torque wrenches. The appliance is equipped with a Wago 750-642 Enocean-RF radio receiver operating on the 868 MHz frequency. Only torque wrench emitters using the Enocean-RF standard can be used.
An additional prerequisite of using the torque wrench is the pairing of the transmitter and the torque wrench controller (i.e. the receiver).On the front panel of the controller three 7-segment displays can be found. One torque wrench controller can control three torque wrenches. The three wrenches are distinguished by means of color codes. The displays associated to the wrenches are located on the front panel of the appliance and are marked with yellow, blue and brown colors above the displaysThe microswitch built in the BOSCH EXACT and ANGLE EXACT type screwdrivers is triggered on reaching the desired torque. On receiving the switching signal, the radio transmitter module sends its ID number. The receiver identifies the wrench based on the number sent.
The radio transmitter uses the 868,3 frequency. The use of this frequency is not restricted in Europe. The transmitter was developed specifically for industrial environments and industrial applications. Its short (~1 ms) packets provide the ability to use up to 200 individual torque wrenches - radio equipped, battery-operated screwdrivers at the same time in the close proximity of transmitter. The device repeats the packet randomly ensuring the reliable reception of the signals originating from concurrently clicking torque wrenches. The data packets include CRC checksums.It is recommended to mark the wrenches with these colors.
The displays show the torque wrench’s number of usages (00-99) associated with the current part/unit. Three torque wrenches can be paired to each display.
When the part/unit arrives at the workstation, the server sends the required numbers of torque wrench usage. If one torque wrench is not used on the current part/unit, the associated display shows a value of “0”. The display remains blank, if the given wrench is not added t the system.
If the displays show values other than zero, the work on the current part/unit has not been completed yet. The values are decreased by one on each usage of the torque wrench. If all displays’ values reached zero, the controller considers the work done.
After turning on the appliance all three displays are blank, they are activated on the first “start of work” command received from the server.