KVL Comp Kft.



Its purpose is to eliminate the picking of wrong parts due to workers’ fault. KVL-PTL08 is an individual PICK-TO-LIGHT control; it is not directly connected to the production line.
It receives the manufactured components’ datas from the control computer (KVL Server). Pick-up the necessary components showed by the red light of AS-I bus display/acknowledge lamps above the sheéfes. Acknowledge of the component pick-up for component storage bay happens with pull switch manually; for shelfes happen manually or automatically. After acknowledgement the display’s lamp is going to change to green.
The control cabinet is mounted to a steel structure. The cabinet is fixed to posts on its sides using screws. The controller should be mounted to a position where the worker can easily read and operate the display unit.
The worker scans the barcode from the printed worksheet using the cordless barcode reader. The wired barcode reader on the left side of the control cabinet is used as backup (in emergency strategy). The operation of the controller can be tracked on the display and on the signal tower located at the top of the control cabinet. Errors can be acknowledged using the E7 key switch on the right of the control cabinet.