KVL Comp Kft.



Its purpose is to eliminate the picking of wrong parts due to workers’ fault. KVL-TVP02 is an individual part identificator; it is not directly connected to the production line. The controller receives the data of the unit to be manufactured from the computer (KVL server).
Fixing the control box:
Fixing it on a tube struture (TRILOGIQ) with plastic clamps:
  • On the control boxes top and bottom,
  • Or on the conrol boxes side.
Fixing it on a shelf unit structure (OBO, BASOR, BAKS):
  • With screws, on the situated balusters on both sides of the control box
  • With screws, on the back cover of the control box.
When situating the controlling we have to consider that for the worker the display should be clearly visible during process and the that he, has to reach the controls as well.
  • Aknowledging with: E7 key switch,
  • „NEXT” pushbutton: to choose the next sequence,
  • „POWER-LAMP TEST” pushbutton.
The operation of the controlling is displayed on the monitor and on the light column situated on the top of the control box.