KVL Comp Kft.



Its purpose is to eliminate the picking of wrong parts due to workers’ fault. KVL-TVP01 is an individual part identification; it is not directly connected to the production line. The controller receives the data of the unit to be manufactured from the computer (KVL server).
The control cabinet is positioned next to the assembly desk. The device is fixed using the retainer plates found on its back. On placing the controller it must be taken into consideration that the worker has to have a clear sight of the screen and must be able to operate the device. The worker reads the barcode using the cordless barcode reader. The wired barcode reader serves as backup (for emergency strategy). The operation of the controller can be tracked on the screen and on the light tower located on top of the control cabinet. Errors are acknowledged using the E7 key switch. On pushing the green push button the program skips to the next sequence.