KVL Comp Kft.



The KVL-KENN02 type Ethernet-controlled display can display 8+4digits.
Its purpose is to display the identification number of the product/unit that is currently located at the workstation (8 digits) and the sequence number (4 digits). For the appropriate operation of the pokayoke system, the workpieces/units entering the workstation must be identified.
The identification can be done locally (barcode scanning, RF‐ID tag scanning) or based on data sent by the computer system or PLC controlling the production. The identification data are sent to the pokayoke controller server.
The pokayoke controller server transfers the ID number of the work piece/unit to the KVL‐KENN02 display unit over Ethernet network for display.
This way, workers can verify that the identification was appropriate, and the pokayoke system is operating with the correct data.
The Poka-yoke devices of the specific workstation are configured with the data required for the assembly of parts/units corresponding to the ID number shown on the KVL‐KENN02 display.